Freiburg – International Twin


Since 1979 the towns of Guildford and Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden Wuerttemberg in South-West Germany, havfreiburg_freiburg3e been twinned.

Building on that relationship, Guildford City Boys and Girls Football Club has a twenty year link with Freiburg and is involved in an annual exchange of players and families, promoted and supported by The Guildford Mayor’s Office, by the Borough Council,freiburg_freiburg1 and the Guildford-Freiburg Association.

Our exchange is with the SV Blau-Weiss Wiehre Freiburg sports club, the club was formed in 1994 out of the merger of SpVgg Wiehre 04 and Blau-Weiss Freiburg. In addition to both the senior and junior football teams, it is a sports club with table tennis, bowling, and hiking also.


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