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Guildford City Boys & Girls  FC

Sponsorship Options 2020/2021


As a not-for-profit charity and youth sports club, we rely on sponsorship from individuals and businesses to help support  our club with the running of our many teams and our work in the community.

Sponsorship allows our club to provide our members with improved facilities, kit and equipment. Since our club was formed in the 1980’s.
Guildford City FC has grown into a sizable organisation, with age groups ranging from 4 years old to 18 years, now including a new formed U23 side and a pathway to our senior team.

This document is meant as a guide; we are flexible and will always consider alternative ideas. These should be discussed with  the Management Committee.

Benefits of Sponsorship for your organisation

For the sponsoring of  individual or business, the benefits of sponsoring sport at the Grass Roots level are many and varied. Sponsoring is a very practical and visible way of supporting your community where you are based, it is also where your customers may operate and where your employees may live and work.

Providing our growing youth with opportunities in sports, facilities, kit & equipment and the ability to participate in a sports club and to also go on sports tours. This is a fantastic way of channeling their energies, promoting social skills and building stronger ‘family bonds (e.g. fathers and sons). Our club is run by volunteers who give up their free time in order to provide the boys and girls of Guildford City with an opportunity to enjoy the game we all love, and is funded (in the main) by members contributions and some grants.

Sponsorship will provide your organisation with visibility and positive name association as, depending on the amount or type of sponsorship you provide, there is the possibility of your company’s name or logo to appear on the items being sponsored (e.g. Playing Shirts, Training Tops etc.) and the club web site and Facebook page. We also may add your business/company details to our Parent Mail system including direct links and possible offers.  Our teams play in a number of leagues, with Surrey Primary being the main one.

Types of sponsorship

Costings for training tops


11 aside Team Sponsor

£580 (max of 18)

9 aside Team Sponsor

​£430 (max of 13)

7 aside Team Sponsor

​£300 (max of 10)

Depending on squad size, additional extras may, need to 

be purchased at extra costs.



Please Note 
*Prices may vary over time, so please contact for a quote and more information.


Club & Tournament

 Tournament program please contact for more information.


Sponsorship Rules

  1. All sponsors need to be approved by the Club Management Committee. Please submit details to

  2. Sponsorship of the club, irrespective of which package is agreed only gives a sponsor the right to have their name and logo on the kit sponsored (if appropriate). Irrespective of who pays for the kit, (i.e. sponsor or club) the kit always remains the property of the club and it must comply with the club’s official kit standards at such time.

  3. All sponsorship funds received must be paid to the club (Club Treasurer). No kit can be ordered without the receipt of the sponsorship funds.

  4. The management committee reserves the rights to refuse approval for any expenditure, which, in the opinion of the committee, is not being appropriately used.

  5. The amounts specified above are the minimum amounts. This is a matter for your discretion when negotiating a deal with a potential sponsor.

  6. For most packages, the sponsorship is valid for the playing season.

  7. Should a team fold or not continue for the full season (or the time specified by the agreement) the club will have no liability to refund any sponsorship money.

  8. All sponsors will be acknowledged on the club’s website with a potential link to the sponsors’ own website.

  9. All sponsor’s logo’s and names will be printed on club kit within the guidelines set out by the club and the FA.

  10. For Club Sponsors – sponsor’s logo will be added to the club website and all promotional material.

  11. Sponsor names and logos may be used in local papers and radios during contracted sponsorship time

For more information please contact:

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